Today I really found something very interesting. Most of us are familiar with som or free domain name registration services, but we are always looking for alternatives. Even I was looking out for free alternatives so today I found a bunch of free alternative (domain name registration services and URL redirection services included in the list). I will quickly list the free alternatives. I would strongly recommend to carefully check terms and conditions before using these free services for your business or personal blog.

Especially since you have the option of free subdomain hosting that takes care both domaina and hosting for you.
Here’s the list to explore:

  1. is absolutely free, and it is “for Life”. No setup fees, no monthly fees, no yearly fees, no renewal fees, etc. You can use your free domain name as long as you wish. It will take you 5-10 minutes to signup and your domain will be activated immediately. You only need a website to point your domain to it and you can begin using your free domain name! The Basic Free Domain Package provides really FREE  (no hidden fees) and features like
    • Free URL Forwarding, known as Free URL Redirection
    • Intelligent Free Path Forwarding and Advanced Free META TAGS support
    • Free URL Cloaking (Free URL Masking)
    • No banners or popup ads at all
    • Ability to use your free domain name with and without WWW, and more.
  2. Dot.TK Having a FREE domain name Dot TK allows you to use your chosen Dot TK domain name as long as you have activity on your domain name once every 90 days. Activity must include access to your Dot TK website. Your registration will be cancelled if your website is down for a prolonged period, the content is unacceptable/not uploaded, or you did not receive over 25 visitors in a 90-day period. Dot TK not only offers a FREE domain name, but also links your website for FREE with TiKinet. TiKinet is the network of all active Dot TK websites. When you create a TiKilink, which is basically a short and powerful description of your website, your link will be added to all Dot TK websites that are related to the same subject as yours.
  3. offers free website hosting services that provide 50MB of free web space and 1000MB of monthly data transfer, and easy to use web site building tools with many free web templates to create you free site and to store your filesfamily photos, etc. Free domain name comes with the free hosting plan that enables to host it immediately
  4. CO.NF – is a free web hosting provider that enables to register a free domain name with .co.nfextension (such as and to host it at servers at absolutely no cost.
  5. service is absolutely 100% free. the only thing expected from you is to place a Link code in your Webpage prior to registration, without which applications will be rejected.
  6.  @ is a free domain name registration service. CU.CC domain work like domains or other TopLevelDomain, are 100% free of charge and you do not need to pay for them. They are free forever but you must renew them!  For One Free Account you can register 5 free domains CU.CC.
  7. provides free subdomain registration to users or non-profit organizations who cannot afford the outrageous fees demanded by some NICs, especially in Europe. Subdomains available based on country two letter (e.g.,,,, etc).
  8. and @  provides free domain registration under ZA.NET and ZA.ORG to companies, not-for-profit organisations or private users who cannot afford the fees demanded by some domain name registrars or who simply believe that domain names should be a freely available resource for everyone.
  9. Com.NU Provides a selection from nearly 500 Domains. A completely free service offering Free forwarding to your existing domain. Also option to have your own business card with profile picture, social media links and more
  10., ,,,, and more @ . A choice of over 22 free domain name with redirects and email addresses simplifying your life and that of your visitors. You will have a complete and effective administration interface containing among other things the detailed statistics of your free web redirects. Site in frech.
  11. .GA FREE TLD is available since September 2013, Country TLD Gabon, Supports DNS Records and IDN, Indexed in Google. Free Registration. Choose Free Plan !!! No Restriction on the number of domains that a person can own. They offer both, free and paid domains.
  12. .GQ FREE TLD .GQ
  13. offers a complete solution for FREE: Free Domain, Free Webspace – 300MB, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Traffic, Free e-mail, Free Autoresponder, Free Website Maker. You can choose from 13 .mn domains (,,,,,,,,,,,, The domain is absolutely free and will belong to you for as long as you want. No costs arise with the creation, modification, usage or deletion of a domain name. You can link to Mediadots from your homepage but is not required. To register you must have a valid e-mail address at which you are also attainable. You’ll receive an activation e-mail.
  14.  .ML TopLevelDomain .ML is available for FREE and for purchase. Can be used like any other domain. Build a professional or personal webite, blog, forum, etc. Free Domain Can Be Registered From 1 To 12 Months. Free domain remain FREE FOREVER But If you don’t want to loose them You Must Renew Them, For FREE, Before the Expiring Date !!! Free Domain Must Point To an Active Website  (no blank /empty website!) Country TLD Mali, Supports DNS Records and IDN, Indexed in Google. Free Registration. Choose Free Plan !!! No Restriction on the number of domains that a person can own. They offer both, free and paid domains. 
  15.  .CF Domain is available since July 2013. Free Domain CF is available since 1st September 2013, Country TLD Central African Republic, Supports DNS Records and IDN, Indexed in Google. Free Registration to any individual or legal entity.Choose Free Plan !!!Registration For Free Domain from 1 to 12 months. FREE Domain Must Be Renewed Before The Expiring Date !
  16. .CO.VU and .CU.VU @ You can register max 2 free domains. You can always use them for free by renewing every year. Renewal option will be open 2 weeks before the expiry date! You can renew the domain in ”mydomains” for free. Can be used for websites, whether it is Personal, Business, e-commerce, Social Networking, etc.They provide one click option to configure the domain to popular services like Tumblr, Blogger, Posterous, Weebly, etc. Don’t use free domains for spam ! Your website (and IP, CNAME) will be blocked and blacklisted.
  17. In Spanish registration with options to redirect, use your own dns or have them host your dns. Full control by the user, you can create your own mail servers (, ftp (, your own mails type [email protected] .bz etc
  18. In Serbian. IZ.RS domains are free and not time-limited. Registration of a domain does not expire.When registering, it is necessary to specify the DNS server address for the domain.
  19. offer free third level domains under .nl. Options include,,,,,, etc but also,,, etc.  The domain names and MX records requested are linked to your IP address. Also all subdomains are linked to your IP address if desired, for example you can run a different website on test.yourdomain than on www.yourdomain. If you also want to have all subdomains linked to your IP address, you only need to indicate when registering that you want a wildcard.
  20. & Create a dns record for an IP address instantly
  21.,,,, Domains as Redirection, Domain DNS (host providing DNS servers), IP domain (host allowing to use his own domain) and Domain CNAME (New) (for use with the services DynDNS or No-Ip). Benefit for free and without advertising of a quality service by creating your domain name in the form:, .nf,,, or even
  22. PP.UA  1 year free

To Set up your DNS you need your name server from your Hosting Provider. If you don’t have a Hosting you can Get FREE HOSTING here, for FREE with

Note: These free domain services can be unreliable. They can close your account anytime like the bellow service which are in fact not longer available

  1.  (Website no longer active)
  2. (Website no longer active)
  3.  (Website no longer active)
  4.   (Website no longer active)
  5.  (Website no longer active)
  13. @
  14. @
  15.   ( restricted temporarly) Will provide you FREE DOMAIN for personal, non-commercial use only. You do not need to pay for it, you do not need to renew your domain. If your domain is for commercial use, you do not need to pay for registration BUT you should renew your domain after a year and the renewal cost is $3 a year. You can register only one member account and 3 free domain/account.

Get free subdomain and hosting and Enjoy!

Feel free to post in your comments and suggestions.
I will be happy if you comment and let me know your views or services i’ve missed.